Recent vroeg een collega van de afdeling Verkoop mij wat er gebeurt als markup niet valideert. Zo ondergedompeld in een puristische frontend mindset als ik ben, wil ik nogal eens de daadwerkelijke gevolgen uit het oog verliezen; in dit geval, … Continue reading

Recently a colleague from Sales asked me what happens when markup doesn’t validate. Being so completely submerged into a purist frontend mindset tends to blind me to real-life consequences; in this case, the lack thereof. You see, invalid markup doesn’t … Continue reading

Disclaimer: I use the term “JavaScript dependency” to denote a dependency on JavaScript to reach content, not the field of JavaScript dependency injection itself. Some, most or perhaps even all of the content below is highly opinionated, strongly worded and … Continue reading

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We zijn er weer bij! Enrise in 2014 op plaats 48 van de Deloitte Technology #Fast50.
- Friday Oct 31 - 7:18pm

Douglas Crockford opening the #zendcon closing keynote talking about the Dutch genius Edsger Dijkstra!
- Thursday Oct 30 - 6:53pm

Meet the Zend team! #zendcon
- Thursday Oct 30 - 2:50am

. @EvanDotPro is sharing very useful and detailed info about #nginx and configuring it for performance! #zendcon
- Wednesday Oct 29 - 11:26pm

After the panel discussion about #bitcoin, at 2:45pm @jrvandijk will be talking about our experience with Zend Server in room 204! #zendcon
- Wednesday Oct 29 - 8:39pm