Hey Codebrewer, kom op 25 juli wat eerder achter je scherm vandaan voor een gratis vrijdagmiddagborrel in Amersfoort! Wereldrestaurant Dara en internetbureau Enrise stellen vanaf 17.00 uur hun gezamenlijk terras open voor ontwikkelaars, codekloppers, nerds en … Continue reading

This month Enrise has started a partnership with Polteq, an organization specialized in software testing. The aim of the collaboration is making a tester part of our Scrum team, and give advice for composing a test policy within Enrise.    … Continue reading

Aan trendlijstjes voor het komende jaar, daar doen we niet aan. De ervaring leert dat innovaties, nieuws en ontwikkelingen de trendlijstjes voorbijstreven. Interessanter is het om te kijken naar wat in het afgelopen jaar gebeurde. Welke techzaken maakten 2012? Enrise … Continue reading

Here is some extra info related to my talk “To SQL or No(t)SQL”.   To SQL or No(t)SQL – PHPNW12 from Jeroen van Dijk Sources CAP Twelve Years Later: How the “Rules” Have Changed http://www.infoq.com/articles/cap-twelve-years-later-how-the-rules-have-changed Introducing Riak http://www.slideshare.net/hemulen/introducing-riak NoSQL – … Continue reading

Sinds dinsdag 5 juni is in Nederland de nieuwe cookiewetgeving van kracht. Deze wetgeving schrijft voor dat alle websites die gebruik maken van niet-essentiële cookies de bezoeker hierover moeten informeren èn expliciet toestemming moeten krijgen van de bezoeker om deze … Continue reading

Everybody who has projects that exist out of more than 100 lines of code faces the problem of keeping their code clear, as well as maintaining a good oversight. Of course, nobody wants to go over all his code just to find that one line or method you’re looking for. To overcome this problem, some smart people ‘invented’ Design Patterns a long time ago. A design pattern is ‘a general reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem in software design.’ (Wikipedia). A commonly used design pattern is MVC: Model–view–controller. MVC is used to separate your application in three parts: the Data (Model), the output (View), and the User action/input (Controller).

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Recently a colleague from Sales asked me what happens when markup doesn’t validate. Being so completely submerged into a purist frontend mindset tends to blind me to real-life consequences; in this case, the lack thereof. You see, invalid markup doesn’t … Continue reading

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Hey #designer/#developer/#ux’er: Which wireframing & prototyping tool do you prefer in your projects? http://t.co/Fziie6fFmB
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