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De juiste content voor de juiste persoon Enrise presenteert in november op de Nationale Uitgeefdag haar visie op webbased 1-op-1-communicatie voor uitgevers, getiteld ‘Context is king‘. Hoe stem je de juiste content af op de juiste persoon? Daar gaat deze presentatie over die … Continue reading

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Douglas Crockford opening the #zendcon closing keynote talking about the Dutch genius Edsger Dijkstra!
- Thursday Oct 30 - 6:53pm

Meet the Zend team! #zendcon
- Thursday Oct 30 - 2:50am

. @EvanDotPro is sharing very useful and detailed info about #nginx and configuring it for performance! #zendcon
- Wednesday Oct 29 - 11:26pm

After the panel discussion about #bitcoin, at 2:45pm @jrvandijk will be talking about our experience with Zend Server in room 204! #zendcon
- Wednesday Oct 29 - 8:39pm

Synthetic benchmarks from PHP over the years. 5.6 is about 6x faster then 4.4. #zendcon
- Wednesday Oct 29 - 4:51pm